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(7) Unique Math Games to Play Now!
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Christmas Math

Help Santa do his math so he can get enough reindeer for his sleigh. Completely free WhenU ad-supported software.


Cypher Cards

CypherCards is a solitaire card game that requires logical thinking and math to win. A deck of cards is shuffled and placed faced-up in any of several grid formats. Using mathematical clues you must find the cards' original locations to win. Several difficulty levels are available. Play for monthly software prizes. Only at

Mixed-Up Math

One of our favorite games. Decode the math equations in a variety of formats.


Play the latest Japanese craze for prizes. Only at Sudoku is all about filling in a 9x9 grid with the digits 1-9.


Sudoku's big brother - a challenging crossword-style numbers puzzle. You can also make your own puzzles to share. Kakuro is a logic puzzle played in a crossword-style grid using only the digits 1-9. Your goal is to place digits in the cells so that their sum matching the clue cells. Clue cells indicate the sum of the associated column and/or row. Not as easy as you would think. This version also allows you to structure your own grids to share with the community. Only at

Math Worm

Dig a tunnel for your worm to get home. Link numbers into correct equations. Completed equations make the tunnel.

NumSkulls Math

Become the top NumSkull. Beat the computer at its own mathematical game. Match equations with pairs or triplets of numbers.


Four types of logic puzzles with 100's of levels. With Math Elimination, get rid of your numbered tiles before time runs out. Use gravity, magnetism, deflections.

Free Math Elimination

A devious mathematical game with a logical twist. Eliminate pairs of numbers by matching them against correct answers. For example 23 matches "sum of digits is 5".

(12) More Games and Logic Puzzles


A new way of learning. Card game and software. Developed by a teacher in Trinidad and Tobago.

Stack Mates

Unstack letters to make words, with or without clues. A variety of challenges. Check for the latest word lists here.

Quote Works

Solve quotation puzzles. Includes phrases, sayings, facts, today's news headlines and more. Compete to be the "Phrazer of the Day". See what phrase lists come with Quote Works. See how Quote Works helps teachers.

Word Rotation

Words are formed by rotating the tiles until they match the clues. Check for the latest word lists.

Word Worm

Dig a tunnel for your worm to get home. Link letters into words. Completed words make the tunnel. Check for the latest word lists here.

Cell Mates

You need to unscramble the words using the clue or definition above each word. Check for the latest word lists here.

French Connections

With English clues, find the French words.The letters in the words are all jumbled up. Move them around until they match the clues.

Mixed-Up Words

Decode the words. Letters are scrambled and you must find the solutions.

Word Search

Classic word search game. A variety of words from subjects like Geography, Sports, Science.

Current (News) Events Word Search

Classic word search game using words and phrases from TODAY'S HEADLINES. News from the World, Canada and USA.

Gobble Words

A challenging game of making up your own words and depleting the puzzle. Gobble letters into words. Uses common 3 to 7 letter English words or a choice of word lists such as Geography.

Elevator Words

Use arrows to sort words. Check for the latest word lists here.

Unique Alarm Clock Software

Talking Headline News Alarm

Wakes you up by actually speaking the current news headlines with your computer's voice. Uses multiple RSS news sources, internet radio stations and local weather feeds. Weather Alert feature wakes you earlier if your local weather is bad. Turn on your room lights or start your radio with an optional X10 interface.

Cellular Alarm Clock

Send multiple alarms to multiple cellular phones. Wake up teenagers by cell phone. Send reminders when away from home. Plan things-to-do ahead of time and be reminded anytime you carry your cell phone. Works with almost any cellular provider that has text messaging.

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